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Dog lover (I have 3 Shiba Inus)
Half Marathon Runner
Future Optometry Student
♥ comic con
Die hard Dodgers fan
Lover of Andre Ethier (Not his lover, but I ♥ him)
I ♥ TV: True Blood, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Bones, Big Bang Theory, and more
I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, oh and Freaks and Geeks :D
Obsessed with New York (One day will live there)
♥ music
(Oh, and most of the pictures on here are not mine. I don't take credit for them, and if you are the owner of those pictures/gifs, and want them removed, simply contact me)

Dodger dog cooked by my lovely Andre Ethier?! Yes, please :)

It’s time for Dodger Dogs!

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